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Hair loss products to help you feel confident again, we sell a range of hair loss products to help with many different types of hair loss. Toppik is our main brand of choice for many reasons including quality, price, and coverage. You can call us on 353 1 539 5021



Some products are being delayed due to the current heat and the rise in Covid varients, we are trying to rectify this as soon as it is possible.

Thank you for all your support it means a lot to a small business like ours. Stay Safe!


We supply a great range of hair products all aimed at helping you manage baldness, thinning hair alopecia. There is no need to put up with things that affect your appearance and confidence. Trust us we know we are all users of the products on this website.Toppik is one of the best hair loss hair fibre range on the market, our customers tell us this on a daily basis and that's also why Toppik has been on the market for so long. 

Our customers love what we do, so much so they even let us tell you all about it.

Mary Smith
Toppik has really changed my life, no more worrying about those areas with thin hair. Thank you Toppik

About Us

Joanne Ward,

Store Manager

We have been selling Toppik and other fantastic hair loss products for the past 7 years and we have built up a great customer base built on good customer service and quality of our products. We use the products we sell so we know we sell quality, we know the feeling of confidence you get when using any of the hair loss products on our website. Let us give you the hair loss solution you have been looking for.